Does Culture Matter for Integration? Empirical Patterns and Regulation of Difference

8th Annual WZB Conference on Migration and Diversity

This multi-disciplinary conference on the role of culture in integration processes seeks to advance the analytical understanding of the role of culture and religion in shaping integration trajectories of immigrants and their descendants, the degree and the determinants of cultural assimilation, and the role of receiving and sending society institutions in regulating cultural diversity arising from immigration. What is the relationship between different dimensions of cultural integration? What role does religion play? How does rejection by the mainstream, for example through discrimination and harassment, affect cultural integration outcomes? How do we measure integration outcomes? How are native majorities affected by these processes? How do states around the world accommodate, resist and regulate cultural diversity arising from immigration? What are the outcomes of such policies in terms of social cohesion and immigrant integration?

Keynote speaker for the 2nd WZB Annual Address on Migration and Diversity is Richard D. Alba (Graduate Center, CUNY).

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Where does the event happen? WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Reichpietschufer 50
10785 Berlin

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