Berlin Research 50 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Research

The term artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone's lips for years and is thus no longer just fiction, but object of current research and real-life applications. AI has thus made the leap from science to politics and society, is widely discussed and is considered one of the most exciting research fields of the future, not only in the natural sciences and technical disciplines, but also in the social sciences and humanities.

In the context of the AI workshop, the terms machine learning, neural networks, learning systems and data science will first be clarified and classified relative to the concept of AI. Furthermore, AI will be considered from different perspectives such as: the development of AI itself, the use for and challenges to society and the ethical, social, and legal issues involved, and the application of AI in research to advance it and also make it more sustainable.

To address these issues, experts from the respective topic areas will be specifically invited to give presentations. In addition, the workshop offers a platform for an intensive exchange between the disciplines of AI with the aim of establishing long-term networking between scientific institutions and companies.

Unfortunately, the Corona infection situation is currently worsening. The infection and hospitalization figures are very worrying and lead us to expect a further tightening of infection control measures. It is already no longer possible to use the rooms at the WZB with the originally planned capacity.

We have therefore decided to move the BR50 workshop "AI in Research" on 13 December 2021 completely into the digital space and host it via Zoom. We also will likely use additional platforms to provide at least some functional equivalent for informal interaction during coffee breaks and over lunch. We will get back to you with more information on this in the coming week.

Start: 9:30 am
End: 18:00
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